The star is 8' tall and is 20 feet off the ground.

The light strands are each about 25' long


A place to check out some of the Christmas

lights in Crosby Township Ohio!


Crosby Township is a quiet little community nestled in a little corner of Southwestern Ohio.  Many of the residents here enjoy decorating their homes for the Christmas season for all to see.   


I will always remember my days as a kid in the late 50's/early 60's, when we would go for a ride to check out the lights.  The Rack brothers on North Bend Road in Monfort Heights were always the best. They lived down the road from each other and it always looked as though they were competing with each other. Of course there were many others, but I always wanted to compete with those guys.  They seemed to set the bar, and they always set it high.


Now it's our turn!  My wife and I want to pass it on.  Since we have been doing this for the last twenty years it has always been a joy to see the cars slowing down to get a look.  For some reason, no matter what the weather is like, It seems you always have to put the car windows down to get a better look.  That is when you can hears the squeels of delight from the young and old alike.  That is when you know you did a good thing.  That is when you relive your childhood.


We enjoy putting them up as much as others enjoy seeing them.  We will

continue to do so as long as we possibly can.


Here are some of the photos from our display


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10753 Oxford Rd just outside of Harrison Ohio


This year we got behind due to other commitments.  I hate that! We have just over 30,000 lights glimmering for all to see in 2018.  We aren't ready to stop yet but we are close.  With Christmas closing in fast I doubt we will get the 36,000 we had in the past.  We will keep at it and get as close to that as we can.  The visitors are counting on us.    Currently we are using one electric meter from the house and another from the barn. Next year we need to add more electric in order to get back to where we were in the past. That should be a simple fix.


One of our Cubs comes in handy transporting some of the many decorations to their location to be set up.


The pine tree finally got too big to decorate from the ground.  With the help of the old Farmall "H" and the bucket lift I got those lights right to the top.  This is an older photo.  The tree has gotten so tall I can no longer reach the top with the lift.


Be Creative


Anyone out looking at lights likes too see new ideas and different types of displays. Being creative makes a difference in a display.


Check thoughts on creativity here!

Some Assembly Required


Wow, How many times have we seen that statement on product packaging!  A good display is no different.



 Check out the assembly here!

What's New


I always felt there was something missing on the Nativity scene.  This year I found some old split rail fence that had the posts rotted off at ground level.  I drove standard posts in the ground and tied the split rail post to those then slit the rails in.  it gave the display a new dimension and the fence will be easy to remove and store for next year.


 Check out the Nativity here

Video Show



Want to see the whole display but you can't get here?   Not to worry, the entire scene has been recorded and set to music!  The video is from a few years ago so some things have changed but you will get a good idea of how it looks.


Check out the video here!


With so many lights, how do we ever keep count?

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